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Mindful living. Mindful joy. Mindful liberation.

Mindfulness is more than a 5 minute meditation on an app. Mindfulness is a lifestyle. And it is accessible to us all.


Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga have all pushed me to create a fuller and more graceful life for myself and for my communities. After crafting my own practices and mindset, I decided to make it a part of my life to share this mindset with others through inclusive offerings, entrepreneurship, and community. Scroll down to view my offerings and my blog on instagram.



My name is Samantha Grayman and I am an entrepreneur, meditator and yogi. I am and have always been a very ambitious woman with many lofty goals (P.S. I hold a J.D. from Yale Law School). But I know that I can't accomplish anything without taking care of myself.

I offer culturally inclusive and accessible meditation practices. This means that I meet people where they are in their lives and in their meditation familiarity. I work with folks of all different backgrounds and levels. I seek to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of meditation, no matter who they are.


Since 2012, I have practiced meditation and yoga on a regular basis to work through the ups and downs of life. My approach is simple: start with the breath; everything else can flow from there. Because of the work that this mindset has done in my life, I've made it a goal of mine to help others breathe their way forward too.

I strongly believe that mindfulness can push us to create more radically loving, bountiful, and grounded communities. For this reason, I have also founded several companies that seek to to reshape what we consume by centering intention from the get-go. My website will soon feature a section on my companies.

Mindful living. Mindful Joy. Mindful Liberation.

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Please reach out here for inquiries regarding speaking engagements or private meditation sesssions.

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