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I have an anxiety disorder, so it can be very very difficult for me to be at rest enough to engage with myself. This meditation helped me focus on my body and on one thing that brought me joy. It provided me with an opportunity to pause. What made it even better was that a Black woman led it and acknowledged our struggles. She incorporated our realities beautifully and geared the meditation toward undoing that which hurts us specifically.

Khaleelah Harris

Samantha has a very comforting demeanor putting you at ease, her soothing voice really helped me be calm and enjoy the experience.

Lorha Baloi

I've done shorter meditations before but Samantha's guidance was very helpful for an entry into a longer meditation. The things that she focused on through the guidance were much more helpful than other shorter meditations I've done and it forced me to sit with some emotions I tend to avoid in a healthy manner. I felt very centered, relaxed, and way less scattered after the session and am excited for this to become part of my weekly routine.

Rachel Kirk

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